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 Tony Pace (left) and Jesse Jackson (right) mugging for the camera at Englishtown


I have always been an enthusiast enjoying cars and motorcycles more than most people I know. My financial situation dictated one car / one motorcycle. Of course the car had to be family friendly – and all bets were off as far as the motorcycle went.


In 1994 I went on high alert when I learned the Impala SS was available for public consumption. It was the perfect family vehicle.


I eventually convinced my wife and a DGGM 1995 Impala SS became our family car!


Many mods later Mama found herself rumbling from point A to point B in a 14 second weekend warrior. That car saw the burnout boxes in

Englishtown,  Atco,  Maple Grove  and the 75-80 Dragway in Maryland!


My son executed his first burnout at the tender age of 13 after a prep session waxing it prior to an Englishtown Car Show.


It served both my ego and my ffamily well for 10 years.


Then  I learned another POSSI Member (Todd Schrack) placed his 96 Impala up for sale.  After a month of negotiating  (mostly by e-mail) – I purchased it, sight unseen – for about what he spent converting it to a six speed.


It had 113,000 miles. 50,000 of those miles are commuting from Bethlehem , Pa. to work in Upper Darby , Pa. over the last two years , using the Pa Turnpike and the Blue Route ( i.e. minimal city and stop 'n go ) Todd bought it back in 1998 with 48K on the clock!

I am it's third owner . . and hope the third time IS the CHARM!


It has an "American Thunder" ( Flowmaster ) cat - back system. Tri - Y Headers and Random Technology High Flow Cats. Chrome straight pipes

( no resonators ) out the back .


I switched the mufflers out to stainless glass packs which bark and  burble a sweet exhaust note! I also chromed its original 17" rims and mounted Fuzion ZR1's.


A Custom intake " elbow " with Granatelli Mass Air Sensor , and K&N Cone filter.


MOOG steering gear with aftermarket, Very Heavy Duty front and rear sway bars !! Bilstein shocks and tubular upper and lower rear control arms.

( stock length )


5 piece stainless steel brake line kit from Errol's . . .and of course the

"Stealth Bolt " brake mod.


NEW black carpet inside front and rear. I placed the original seats in storage and had 2005 GTO seats modified to fit. The back seat is out of my old 9C1 and recovered in matching blabk leather with the too cool gray suede inserts setting off its own unique style. You won't see another like it.


Odometer fade fix.


BBHP 6 - Speed , installed by Josh Korsower himself . Josh is the owner of BBHP.


The BBHP  installation consisted of:


1. New bell housing


2. New Spec - 2 clutch , pressure plate , throw out bearing (replaced in 2010 with a stock f-body clutch for smoothness)


3. New T-56 6-speed - with the Viper size input shaft , and the steel shift forks.


4. New aluminum drive shaft .


5. New Torsen 4.10 Posi rear. The Torsen uses no clutches - it's all gears. No worrying about fluid changes.


6. All new rear axle bearings , etc.


7. Hurst Billet shifter with reworked '96 console . From inside , it looks like it came from the factory that way.


8. Large Black shifter ball with imprint BBHP # 134 .


9. PCMforless Recalibrated PCM.


The spare is a never down new BFG , mounted on a matching stock SS mag wheel.


The 6 - Speed was done in June of 2005 . All the steering / suspension work was done in the spring of 2005.


I still have the invoice for the 6 - Speed conversion. It is over $8,000 .

FYI...........BBHP is no longer doing the 6 - speed conversions. Mine was the third to last one done. In talking to other 6 - Speed owners , there are only about 200 - 250 6 - Speed conversions IN THE WORLD.


BBHP was and still is considered to have the absolute best conversion available .


Only 136 of the BBHPs are out there.

I have mine and let me tell you – it is an absolute joy to drive!