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POSSI Show & Cruise Coordinator Tony Maiale's SS (and his wife SSally - Secretary)


SSally took the family van in for service at the local Chevy dealer in December 1996 and saw a BIG black car in the service bay. She didn’t know what it was at first, but then saw the Impala script on the back. When she got home, I told her that yep Chevy brought back the SS in 1994. I told her to go test drive the car and she kept telling me that she really didn’t want a car, she wanted a van. After much convincing from me and seeing the same Impala SS in the service bay again in January 1997. The service manager thought the car was sold and after he checked with the sales manager he told SSally that the sale fell through for the customer. So she decided to take the SS out for a “short” test drive. Well, to say the least, she fell in love with the car!!!!! She immediately put a $100 deposit on it. After repeated attempts to have me come in for the test drive of my life, she finally got me behind the wheel. That’s all it took!!!!! We bought the car that night and haven’t looked back since.

The SS was her daily drive for the first 3½ years and it was driven in all kinds of weather (although SSally had a hard time driving it in the snow—too much power in the real end but I loved doing donuts in parking lots in the snow!!). It was finally taken off the road as a daily driver with 42,000 miles and since is only driven to car events. The odometer is reading an unbelievable 108,000—that’s over 60,000 miles driven to car events!!!!!

SSally & I met Mike Sabol and Bob Fix at Chesterbrook in May of 1999 and we joined POSSI soon after. By the end of 1999, I was organizing car events for the club members to attend. That year was my first Faulkner Cruise drive to get POSSI out in Sept & also in Nov my first drive to get POSSI out to the Chesterbrook Toy Run. In either 2000 or 2001, SSally was elected secretary and really enjoy being involved with POSSI. I would never had thought when we bought the SS it would become our hobby. We really enjoy going to car events—we will go just about anywhere east of the Mississippi (or even west) and making new friends along the way.