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 POSSI Treasurer  Mike (and his wife Jean ) Sabol


Back in 1992 or 1993, I read in the newspaper about Chevy bringing back the Impala SS. Then I promptly forgot about it.


In late 1994, I needed to replace our ‘88 Buick Century. Yes, I tend to keep a car forever!! I remembered about the SS so I googled it and then started to lurk on the old NAISSO list serve. I started to read about all the hubbub over the “new” Impala SS. The people on the list serve were nuts over it. They were so anal about this car that they convinced me.


On March 1, 1995, I started calling around to local Chevy dealers to see if they would sell me a car over the phone. The first two or three wouldn’t even talk to me. “What are you crazy? “No, we don’t sell over the phone! Finally, Diver Chevrolet’s Fleet Sales Manager (who happened to answer the phone that day) said, “Sure what do you want?” I told him a new Impala SS!!!! He said, “I don’t have one, but I guess I can trade a Tahoe or something to another dealer.” Then he said that he would check around and call me back. Three days later, I get a phone call from him and he said, “Mr. Sabol, your car is in”! I said that we (Jeanie and I) would be down in 30 minutes to see the car. We never even talked price until much later. The rest is history, so they say!


Our 1995 Impala SS BBB (Big, Black, & Beautiful) has been the best buy that we’ve ever made. It started our car show/cruise hobby. And we have met the most wonderful people at these car events, especially all of our POSSI friends.


We joined POSSI in 1998. Somehow we met up with Bob Fix, maybe at the Chesterbrook, PA cruise. He invited us to a meeting up near Willow Grove NAS on a Saturday. The following Sunday we went to a car show at the naval base. This started our car show addiction. With Tony & SSally we go to quite a few shows in any given year. Plus we have been known to select a show based on which restaurant/bar is close by.


The GM Nationals at Carlisle is our favorite event. The “parking lot cruise” is THE BEST!!!!!


We have way too may modifications to list here. But all of them are cosmetic and all are bolt-ons. We can change the car back to totally “original” whenever we need or want to.


We have an Impala SS compulsion. Besides our 1995 BBB (black is the fast color), we have a 1965 Impala Super Sport in Torch Red, and my daily driver 2004 Impala SS Indy edition, which is black, of course.


Hope to see you soon at the next car show/cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!