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Tony's Picks for March 2011





If you look for something and don’t find it (Yeti, headlight filament
distortion, coelacanth, or causes of Toyota sudden acceleration, for
instance) you haven’t proven it doesn’t exist. Just that you didn’t find it.
IOW, as Carl Sagan so eloquently put it:

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


You have to put up with a little advertising at the start, but it’s a
funny/sad story: Toyota Prius in underground garage, owner loses key, now
nobody can figure out how to get it out to reprogram the key.


I have always loved the song “Hot Rod Lincoln” but only recently learned
that it was a response to an earlier song “Hot Rod Race”,



Forged discontinuous carbon fiber composites solve some CRP problems.


FEB2011 Car&Driver print mag has a nice historical timeline of Hyundai &
Lexus in the US…I can’t find it on their website, though.  Funny that my
kids don’t remember a world before either of those two marquees.



“They” say electric cars are the future. I’m still not convinced, but
research on hub-motors continues:






Cold makes it hard to start big diesels. Most people warm them by plugging
in a block heater over night. Or you could put some lit charcoal under the
oilpan. Yeah, that’s the ticket.






Lengthy video of the guy behind the big motorized wheel you sit inside.



50 or so weird two-ish-wheeled vehicles. Some real, some designs, some
bicycles, and a couple duplicates, but still fun. I liked #30s complete
bodywork and the steam punk #41.   #32 looks like a Transformer, but I was a
few years too old for them, and don’t recognize who it is.






when you give the realtor a key to your house and allow them to
conduct viewings, do not the drugs and guns in plain view. Duh.


NIOSH wants to hear from LEO why they DO or DO NOT wear seatbelts on duty.


Speed limits should be set for good reasons…making money is not one of them.


PTSD can and does strike first responders, not just soldiers.   This
website was created by the subject of that story, a highly respected
long-serving cop/paramedic/firefighter who has it and found little info to




SD lawmakers say if you can order citizens to buy health insurance, you can
order them to buy a gun for their own self-defense. Funny.



Girandoni air rifle from 1800. Carried by Lewis & Clarke.





Personal Computers started with geeks cobbing stuff together in their
garage. RC Drones are at that phase now. Video at the end is worth watching.


Wall panels with embedded paraffin capsules that melt at 73, absorbing heat
as it gets warming, but then releasing it when temperature drops, and glass
with embedded patterns invisible to humans that birds can see so they stop
flying into the glass.


Column of seawater works as an antenna. Very cool.



CA has spent $7M+ on swag the past few years. Jerry Brown puts a stop to it.
&tsp=1 Frankly, I am amazed it was going on in the first place. I am so
naïve sometimes. <sigh>