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It all started in the summer of 94 . . .


I had a Chevy Lumina and took it to Pitman Chevy for maintenance.


At the time i was looking to upgrade to the Chevy Z34 Lumina . . .


as I drove up to the lot, I noticed this Black ominous looking car -

parked in front  of the dealership!


I did not know what it was, but it called to me me.


I was drawn towards it.

I asked the dealer what it was and he said  . . .  "oh, that . . it's the new Chevy Impala SS "


Hooked I had to have one. . . no matter what the cost . . . ( well cost was a big part) . . .

'cause I could not afford a  new one at the time, so  a long 3 year search was on.


I found what would become the DragonSSlayer near my home, the previous owner was moving to Indianapolis and could not take the car with him.

After convincing the wife that I had to have that car,  it was a done deal.


After having it for a few years & enjoying the car with no mods,

I happened to meet online . . . Randy Acorcey,


He turned me on to members in the area from NJ Beasst and Possi.


I went to my first car show at Englishtown,

 and saw some of the Impala's parked on the track

and the mod bug  bit me

and bit me hard !


I started with some minor mods at first:


sound system


a few emblems here and there


but none could compare to the mods I wanted !



When I went to my first national event in Michigan in 2001, I was hooked.


I started to mod out the whole car


from the wheels to paint, sound system, lambo doors the works.



I won my first show at Super Chevy at Maple Grove.



Due to my love and passion for the car show scene


& Possi


I was elected president of the club in 2005 -I  have been their president ever since !



My love for the Impala SS continues to this day, always trying to raise the bar for mods.


Who knows what I will have in store for the DragonSSlayer, but what ever it is,

 it will be awesome !