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     Bill Lloyd   POSSI Vice President . . . displays his rides

I grew up driving Corvettes (my dads). Drove a 1966 to high school. The need for speed was always in me. First car was a brand new 1970 Mustang Mach I 428 Cobra Jet.  A little help from dad on that one. Then I got married and cars had to be put in perspective of a family. After a few years we were able to lease a 1985 Trans Am, and then a 1989 Thunderbird Super Coupe. Got divorced and I couldn’t afford much, you know child support, and saw this awesome 4 door hot rod on the highway. It was a 1994 Impala SS. I had to have one. Leased mine in April 1995 and bought it out after 4 years. Had a note on my windshield one day about joining a SS club. The card on the windshield was from Bob Fix (Past)  President of Possi, and I joined that year in 1998. I went to mod days, car shows, and meetings and became Treasurer for a few years.  I’ve been Vice President for the past few years, as it doesn’t require much work. Best gig in town is the GM Nationals in Carlisle. I’ve been registered for all of them, but missed one due to a stroke I had that year. Chesterbrook is always a good time and I always make the Toy Run in November. I was finally able to get my first new Corvette August 1, 2009. It was built week of July 9th 2009.

I now have a 4 door Impala SS and a 2 door Imp SS.